Concealed Dreams

A dreamy scenario evocative of the poem Concealed Dreams

Concealed dreams,
Fly through the night,
Hidden in shadows,
Beyond the reach of light.

Beneath the surface,
They quietly glow,
Awaiting their moment,
A chance to vanish.

In secret labyrinths,
Where fantasy resides,
They bide their time,
And silently glide.

In the night realm,
They softly tread,
Planting seeds,
In the fearless imagination.

Concealed dreams,
Yearn to be free,
To break the chains,
And sail the sea.

With dawn’s first light,
They start to rise,
Unfolding their wings,
To kiss the skies.

No longer hidden,
Their voices whisper,
Transforming the world,
With the joy they bring.

Concealed dreams,
Under starlit skies,
Woven in sighs,
Where the quiet lies.

They dance in twilight,
Where wishes are spun,
In the deep of night,
Away from the sun.

These dreams are sacred,
Held close and dear,
Unseen by many,
But ever so clear.

In the stillness,
They softly bloom,
Casting away,
The shadows of gloom.

Silent and patient,
They gather might,
Awaiting the dawn,
To embrace the light.

With each longing,
They gain their form,
Defying the tempest,
Braving the storm.

Concealed dreams,
find their voice,
singing of bliss,
and the power of loss.

No longer subjugated,
They find their might,
Painting the heavens,
With colours so bright.

From the abyss,
They rise and gleam,
Shaping the infinite,
From a silent desire.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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