Exquisite Brilliance

Exquisite brilliance dawns upon the night,
A tempest of stars, a gentle gleam,
Whispering the secrets of their light,
In dreams, they weave a silent silver stream.

The moon, a sentinel in azure skies,
A crescent smile illuminates the earth,
Its tender glow reflects in phantoms’ eyes,
And breathes to life a symphony of mirth.

Beneath this firmament of endless stars,
A forest stands in tranquil, hushed repose,
The trees, like guardians of ancient scars,
Hold stories that the midnight breeze bestows.

The shadows swirl upon the forest floor,
As fireflies paint trails of golden hues,
A realm where myth and magic both explore,
And nature’s song sings softly of its ancient tales.

Upon a hill, a solitary pine,
Stands regal, etched against the dark abyss,
Its branches reach towards the line,
Where dawn will blaze its fervent, fiery arc.

Yet, in a fleeting, fragile hour of the night,
The realm of reality surrenders to a gentle grace,
Where time is paused and bathed in sacred light,
A moment stolen from the day’s fierce chase.

The waters of a silent, moonlit lake,
Reflect the splendour of the stars above,
Each wave reveals secrets that slowly wake,
While dreams and nightmares seek the tender touch of delight and despair.

And in this silent and metaphysical embrace,
The night reveals its wisdom, pure and true,
That even in the darkness, there’s a space,
For bright-and-dim to find its way and gently woo.

Exquisite brilliance, fleeting as death,
Yet timeless in the memory it weaves,
A whisper of eternity, it leaves,
Echoing in the shadows, where silence breathes.

So, as the dawn prepares to claim its due,
Remembrance in the night’s serene expanse,
The brilliance lingers softly, bright and new,
A fleeting spark in night’s expansive trance.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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