In The Dark Of Shadows

An image of shadows reminiscent of the atmosphere of the poem "In The Dark Of Shadows"

In the dark of shadows, sadness wove its tale,
Moonlight gleamed like silver through a misty veil,
Obscure secrets fluttered underneath ancient trees,
Where the wind’s lament echoed ghostly pleas.

Silent shrieks reverberated in the night’s embrace,
Clouds danced like phantoms in hidden places,
Stars glinted like the eyes of spectres gone astray,
Leading through the gloom, where forgotten pathways lay.

The murmur of the river sang a sombre tune,
Reflecting on broken mirrors beneath the haunted moon,
Cloaked in night’s deep sorrow, the forest softly wept,
For dreams hid abandoned, where the darkness crept.

Through the tangled branches, memories entwined,
Of souls who wandered restlessly through the sands of time,
A shiver that enveloped murmurs of the past,
Stories were left unspoken, and shadows were cast.

In the dark of shadows, where time itself never died,
Lost loves and broken promises haunted the midnight freeze,
The ivy on the gravestones and rustles in the breeze,
Revealing silent verses to the withered leaves.

Beneath the pallid starlight, memories and regrets stood alone,
In the heart of silence, where ancient sorrows groaned,
Eyes that burned like embers in the cold and dark nights,
Seeking solace in the whispers of the ghostly light.

The darkness held a mirror to the soul’s deep well,
Reflecting hidden fears in its shadowed spell,
In the dark of shadows, truths were concealed,
Of arcane sorrows and mysteries still sealed.

So lingered in the twilight, where shadows wove and wended,
Silence kept all the dark dreams,
For in the heart of night, where shadows softly faded away,
Enigmas hid beneath the eternal darkness.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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