Midnight Delight

An image of a spooky nocturnal landscape evocative of the poem Midnight Delight

Midnight delight of shadows playing games,
Through the velvet cloak of the night, they sway,
Whispering trees lie under the moonlight,
Sharing their haunting secrets with the night.

Mysterious stars fade in spectral dreams,
In the hush of darkness, enigmas blossom,
A feast of midnight delight and abandon,
Beneath the veil of an ethereal gloom.

In the abyss of forgotten realms and fantasies,
Glistening shadows dwell within labyrinths of darkness,
Lost in the stillness of the night,
And illuminated only by the silver glow of luminaries.

Ethereal fragments of love and despair disappear underneath the canopy of the midnight embrace,
Where shadows and dreams interlace,
In an eternal dance of illusions and confusion,
Bound by the whispers of the night’s elusive fusion.

In the mystical realms where shadows roam,
Whispers of ancient secrets echo and entwine,
Entangled in the web of night’s allure,
Where dreams and truth collide in a cosmic sign.

In the midst of the dazzling celestial embroidery of stars and moonbeams,
Lost memories intertwine in an otherworldly prom,
A clamour of silence and invisible revelry,
Leading wanderers to realms where enigmas prance.

Beneath the starlit cloak of midnight’s gaze,
Illusions dissolve into the abyss of periods past,
Where each shadow conceals a mysterious story waiting to be revealed,
In the still embrace of the night’s immensity.

Whispers of dusk discover the enigmatic wonders of its enchanting spectacle,
As light and dark sway in a bewitching union,
In the heart of midnight’s silent daze.

Midnight delight and delusions become a mirage in the dreams and hallucinations of those who lose themselves in the void of the darkness.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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