Shadows Of Solitude

A nighttime black and white image reminiscent of the poem "Shadows Of Solitude"

Shadows of solitude where darkness reigns,
Lingering in silent strains,
Empty windows, eyes of the night,
Reflecting stars, distant and bright.

Cobbled paths, worn by time’s embrace,
Whispers and sighs lost in space,
A solitary lamp flickers low,
Casting shadows in rhythmic flow.

Eerie visions, where silence dwells,
In gloomy hallways, ancient spells,
Glimmers of a forgotten past,
Haunting the present, ever steadfast.

A rustling of leaves, a petal in the air,
Echoes of tears, once so rare,
Now melancholy, in every breath,
A dance of shadows, a waltz with death.

Through shattered glasses, moonbeams glide,
Painting canvases of dreams denied,
In solitude’s embrace, dreams entwine,
With memories of a world left behind.

As dusk descends, the gardens sleep,
In shadows deep, where sorrow creeps,
Light lamps flicker, casting gloom,
On alleyways where secrets loom.

Silent footsteps on cobblestones,
Lone figures, walking alone,
Paintings whisper stories boldly,
Of hearts once warm, now bitter cold.

Reflections in puddles, murky and dim,
Joys remnants, now growing thin,
A distant siren breaks the night,
Eerie visions in the mansion’s plight.

Sagomas behind windows, curtains drawn,
Haunted by nightmares, now withdrawn,
Lanterns hum a melancholy tune,
Underneath the watching moon.

In this nocturnal landscape, shadows play,
A dance of longing, night and day,
Eerie visions of what might have been,
In the twilight’s embrace, unseen.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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