The Madness Of My Poetry

The Madness Of My Poetry

The Madness Of My Poetry

the madness of my poetry touched your skin, scratching it
and there it resides like a beautiful flower in a green meadow
wherever you are
I am with you
whoever touches you
I feel the same touch
I belong only to you
I am part of your body and soul
I am your flower

even though we never met
the connection of our souls is strong
we are soul mates

it is funny how everything started
because I didn’t know you
I just liked you
in the same way
you fall in love with a lovely stranger in the street
I fell in love with you unintentionally
an unconditional love

My Love
in this short life
I only need your love

this silent love pierced our hearts
my poetry belongs to you as well as my love for you
my love for you is pure
I don’t expect anything besides your pristine love

you asked for more poetry
and I always satisfy your longing desires
I was born for it
it is like in a dream
in which the spasms of pleasure overwhelm body and soul

I am a silent and wild creature
I am a shrinking violet
shy and naive
my poetry sets my heart free
my poetry releases me
and every wild passion flows from my soul

may every word of mine kiss you
may the madness of poetry fill your soul with my love.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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