The Obliviousness Of Dreams

An eerie image that accurately represents the poem "The Obliviousness of Dreams".

The obliviousness of dreams as a vanishing vision,
In the silent whispers of the night,
Where shadows dance through the soft moonlight,
In realms where stars blaze with secret flames.

Beneath the veil of slumber’s grace,
Where time and space lose their place,
Darkness wanders through a boundless space,
Hunting desires and dreams free to chase.

The echoes of a forsaken elegy,
In nightmares, they softly drift along,
A gasp, both faint and strong,
Where lost enigmas feel they truly belong.

Mountains rise, and rivers bend,
In lands where imagination can extend,
A kingdom where sorrows strive to find an end,
And the broken eternity begins to mend.

In shadows cast by towering trees,
Butterflies glide upon the mystic breeze,
In oblivion, no place for truths with ease,
Lost in realms where falsehoods tease.

The longings became enslaved of grief,
At night, they appear so quickly,
In shadowed halls where sighs roam free,
Whose presence brings only silent glee.

The obliviousness of dreams, so pure,
Where every ailment finds its cure,
A place where all is unstable and unsure,
In a gentle, endless adventure.

When dawn arrives, with the dimness so light,
Dispelling dreams in morning’s sight,
In the realms of night, luminaries gleam with gentle sway,
While dreams dissolve and fade away.

A cherished thought and a golden beam,
A memory of the nightly stream,
In the obliviousness where dreams convene,
Lost in a world where illusions intervene.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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