The Veil Of Perception

The veil of perception was shrouded by dark shadows,
Deep in the abyss of the nothingness,
Where whispers and sighs hid in their spasmodic secrecy.

The veil of deception softly descended,
Beyond the realms of sensibility,
Where a universe of illusions and chimaeras lay.

Ephemeral gleams of evanescence enlightened the labyrinth of dreams,
A mist of melancholy and fleeting desires,
Immortal light and darkness.

The eternal mysteries glowed like luminaries flickering in the boundless expanse,
Each star preserved untold tales,
While silence concealed arcana.

Enigmas shimmered in grace,
Embracing the infinite darkness,
Amidst the chaos of the cosmos.

Veiled in shadows, perceptions trembled,
In the abyss of whispered secrets,
Where illusions and mirages melted in a myriad of fragments.

Deception presided over the garden of beauty and bliss,
Beyond the grasp of lucidity,
Where dreams and reality blurred.

Ephemeral sparks fleeted away from longings,
Illuminated were the paths of uncertainty,
Where light and darkness converged.

Mysteries sparkled in graceful darkness,
Embracing the enigmatic oblivion,
Amidst the chaos of the void.

Haunted truths remained elusive,
Through the maze of obsession and despair,
Silent spectres of uncertainty.

The veil of perception cast a mystic spell,
Drawing nightmares into its ethereal embrace,
Where forgotten dreams lingered in the misty haze.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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