Whispers Of The Night

An abstract image representing a nighttime landscape inspired by the poem "Whispers Of The Night"

Whispers of the night weaved through the air,
In the shadowed hollows where moonlight faded,
Anguish clung to the mist, where darkness pervaded.

Desires fled through the labyrinth of memories,
Fragments of forgotten tales faded into the void,
Ghosts of sorrow and grief ruled the realm of dreams.

In the ancient trees, whispers conspired,
A haunting melody of a long-lost lyre,
While the night unfolded like a cloak of inky velvet.

Stars shimmered like tears, never to turn back.
Winds stroke harshly cobblestone paths,
Where time stood still, and anguish met.

Flickering lights of lost phantoms danced on endless nights,
Keeping gleaming secrets like crystal stones,
In the obscure realm where mysteries unfolded.

Sparkles of forgetfulness were scattered like shards of glass,
Reflecting on the past in a world of trespass,
Like eerie entities lingering in the cold embrace of the aether.

Whispers of the night through the veil of twilight,
Where shadows teased in the heart of darkness,
And silence reigned supreme.

In the eerie melancholy of ancient vestiges,
Sighs hovered in the abyss of the night,
In the haunted clasp of fading light.

Beneath the veil of darkness’s shroud,
Lights were entwined with shadows,
Lost in the labyrinth of time’s expanse.

The moon cast a spectral glow,
A luminescent guide through ethereal realms,
Where relics of eternity threaded their tales.

In the vault of silence, dreams arose,
Flying through the chambers of the imagination,
Where every spec of reality vanished.

The night held its breath, a pause in time,
As remembrances of the past waltzed with the present,
In the hallowed depths where phantoms roamed.

Hence, the night whispered its secrets,
In the language of stars and shadows,
Lost in the timeless fortress of the unknown.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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