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Who are we?

Hello, I am Elisabetta (pseudonym Esther Elizabeth Racah), an Italian blogger holding a PhD in astroparticle physics and proficient in 4 languages. I am the founder of, a platform dedicated to my passion for books, literature, and poetry. For simplicity, I will refer to as either ‘Esther Racah’ or ‘the website’ in all subsequent mentions.

Which personal data do we collect, and why do we collect them?

Comments utilizes the Disqus system for managing comments. Users are encouraged to review the Terms and Policies of the Disqus system available at It’s important to note that the administration of this site is not liable for the use of the Disqus system. Users are solely responsible for their comments, and the administration reserves the right to approve, edit, or delete comments without prior explanation to the commenter. All comments require approval from the administration to ensure compliance with our site’s guidelines and standards.


By joining the newsletter, users provide their Name and Email, allowing the site administrator to securely store, edit, and delete this information on the website server and through services such as and The collected data will be exclusively used for website-related purposes, including but not limited to sending newsletters, notifying about new posts on the website, facilitating contact forms, and other relevant communications. We are committed to safeguarding this information in accordance with our privacy policy and the policies of the services mentioned above, ensuring its responsible handling and protection.

Privacy and User Interaction

Anti-Spam Measures

We collect visitor data, including IP addresses and browser user agents, for spam detection purposes. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Cookies Usage

We use cookies for accessibility, interface, and language preferences. These cookies contain no personal data and will be stored for a year. Commenters can opt-in to save their name, email, and website details for convenience.

Embedded Content

Articles may contain embedded content behaving similarly to interactions on other websites; this includes data collection, cookie usage, and third-party tracking. We disclaim warranties for any issues arising from embedded content.

User-Generated Content and Copyright

Guest Blog Posts

Visitors are welcome to submit guest posts on the world of books either via email or a dedicated form. We disclaim warranties regarding copyright violations in user-generated content.

Content Responsibility

Publishers must ensure content authenticity. In cases of copyright violations or crimes, notify us for content removal. The administration reserves the right to manage published posts in compliance with site and state rules.

Reporting Violations

We encourage users to report copyright violations or any other crimes via email for prompt action. We disclaim warranties related to content issues or device accessibility.

Additional Information

For more details about me, visit