A Fearful Doom

A fearful doom imaginary scenario

A fearful doom dominated all over the obliviousness
Hesitation and fear trapped every instant of hope
Oppression and distress of an airtight fate of forgotten dreams
Hopeless unconsciousness descended over an ocean of nightmares
In a rigid embrace of the blackness of night and an absolute silence
An appalling and intolerable imagination deprived the sense of beauty and longings
The realm of the nethermost nothingness bloomed like a garden of black roses
Mystery of an unknown doom was kept secreted in hidden treasure chests
Senseless visions of a forgotten past in a numberless darkness
Slumbers appeared in worlds of phantasms and reveries
The gloominess overspread the Earth with plumes of horror
The emptiness glared a solitary vision of oppressed dreams
The overshadowing wings hovered above downtrodden delusions
The icy abyss of the infinite surrounded every single hope
Desolate sorrows melted in a bewildered perplexity
The absolute abeyance of infinite distress faded in the perpetual glare of obscurity
Struggles in a world of deafening sounds tore the souls
The Void resounded as an echo of disturbing screams
The chilliness of an endless night arose in the midst of tumultuous phantasies
Idleness prevailed, and an indefinite sense of existence emerged from a torpid uneasiness
An apathetic endurance of anguish and pain disappeared in quiescence
The danger of spectral ideas sunk into dark despair
Agony resounded throughout the ethereal realm of the night
A seal of dizziness was stranded in a dauntless happiness
Every eccentric and august desire became pure magnificence
A creation of an empire of senses and impulses might have fallen in despair
The grief of folly and improvisation overwhelmed every beauty and voluptuousness
Dull and monotonous time ticked with loud sounds
Grotesque boldness was glaring like glitters at the sun
A multitude of dreams writhed in an echo of invisibility
The weird fate of missing fanciful passions hides behind a gloomy revenge for lost memories.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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