A Soft Agony Of Despair

A gloomy image inspiring A Soft Agony Of Despair

A soft agony of despair permeated the dreams in the middle of the darkness,
Once, every hope was reproached by soliloquies of envy and suspicion.
Lonely nights indulged in nightmares and visions,
And the sublime eternity astonished every frame of unawareness.

Dismay draped in shadows became a cloak of despair and solitude,
And in the depths of the soul, it lingered, unaware.
Echoes of silence blended into a harmony of woe,
In the heart’s darkest corners, it persisted to flourish.

Beneath the weight of sorrow, the expectations did lose their way,
Strayed in the labyrinth of doubts with no determined directions.
Each sigh struggled in the midst of anguish,
But a glimmer of light was kept alive amidst the darkness.

Every flicker of devotion burnt bright,
Guiding unconscious blazes through arduous paths of defeat,
In the nightfall, where shadows swirled in delight,
Amid a maze of chaos and bitterness of sorrow.

Promenade of darkness and ephemeral chaos scattered throughout the garden of shadows and delights.
In the realm where time hesitated to flow,
Each dream whispered in the night,
And every instant kept intangible memories.

Falling apart languidly as every dream became a nightmare,
In the shadows of doubt, lost hopes wandered, unaware.
Seeking solace in the silence, with no guiding flare,
Just the haunting echoes of unspoken despair.

Gleaming reveries of forsaken revelations were sealed in a secret vault,
Untouched by the stardust, in the abyss of forgotten truths.
Lost amidst the cosmos, where time’s flow halted,
Echoes of a distant past, shrouded in celestial mysteries.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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