A Solemn Silence

A solemn silence

A solemn silence in a terrific isolation
An ocean of ice and fire
An assembly of anguish and vanity
Sadness and despondency
Stars and clouds swirl at every blast of the winds
Being encompassed in darkness
A tumultuous remembrance leaves me
listless and silent
Now in the night
And still
I’ve lived a distant life
Far from me
When I was alone
Where no one is so free
Which might have changed
Many times
Too suddenly as well as never

A solemn silence in the loneliness
Where all around, my thoughts are bound
Even if there is a sound
Silent souls sink into a dim and sweet lake
The sea waves advance like ancient mountains
Calm and still lingering in the snow
Many earthly ghouls float in the aether
My potion of delirium and defeat
In an incessant struggle with logic and treacherousness
What could I be able to leave forever
Wandering in the infinite dispersion of my emotions
Getting lost and pretending to find myself
One of the several versions

A solemn silence in the loneliness
Travelling and losing the path
In a labyrinth of shattered mirrors and illusions
Once the discovery is sparkling with dark hues
I encounter the truth and dismay
In the loss of beliefs and resolutions
On a dark and still night
When the only noise comes from the wind flying through the leaves
At the dawn of a longly forgotten place
The clouds seem suddenly collide and burn
Through the depths of my heart
A solitary sky had bled away
In a thousand years of dread
Amidst the frozen lights

A solemn silence of the night
It is like winter after dusk
The past had gone far away
All the seasons will blossom and die
Before the sun hath gone
At the end of time
A dream of spiritual passions
The secret of vanity
The mystery of a dream
Once lost forever
In the immensity of the void
When a distant wind blasts
A new spring of every thought begins
And a realm of starry glimmers
Lighting the sunset sky
Beneath the mountains’ stillness.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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T. Byron K.
1 year ago

Quite beautiful Esther, I love your imagery and I am reminded of E.A. Poe’s Dreamland as well.