A Veiled Sorrow

A gloomy landscape that evokes a veiled sorrow

A veiled sorrow of lost hopes appeared on a doomed night,
When no more desires were ever granted.
Longings and regrets missed their chance for retrieval,
And a symphony of echoes hauntingly resided in the stillness of despair.

Long before the stars lost their nightly glow,
And the moon witnessed tales of woe,
Sorrowful contemplations perturbed a timeless elation,
Whilst emotions defied every explanation.

Magnificent anguish lingered in the silent air,
Nightmares burdened lost loves and hopes with passion.
Whispers of nostalgia haunted concealed griefs,
Somber and forsaken dreams faded into the infinite darkness.

Once no more desires were granted, the hourglasses were inverted,
Time’s sighs were relentless, and dreams diverted.
Yet, within the echoes of melancholy and resignation,
Resilient laments emerged, immovable and mighty.

In the silent labyrinths of time’s ceaseless flow,
Long before echoes of forgotten blisses,
A firmament of enchanted mysteries quietly unraveled,
Revealing the ethereal beauty sealed within the stillness of twilight.

Within the fragile fate of doomed desires,
Frailty clung to every fleeting instance.
Wishes dissolved like whispers in the vast universe,
Fragments of longings lingered like stardust in the vast void.

No more bestowed yearnings were granted beneath cloudless skies,
And a relentless cynicism overwhelmed boundless fleeting fantasies,
Leaving behind a desolate landscape where aspirations withered in the arid winds,
Casting shadows over relics of endeavors.

Long before stars lost their shining gleam,
And dreams vanished like sable castles,
The hope and destiny wove intricate mazes,
A requiem for aspirations mourned the unrealized dreams.

Decay and folly dwelled in the emptiness of the aether,
Where shadows waltzed amidst the void,
And secrets of foolish chances found solace,
As a consequence of whims and caprices.

An everlasting flame burned every devotion to ashes,
Leaving behind fragments of fervor turned to dust.
A spectral sonnet of allegiance was now ash in the breeze,
And a love’s anthem was silenced, lost in the rustle of leaves.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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