An Enchanting Betrayal

A beautiful photo of a particular view evocative of feelings of an enchanting betrayal.

An enchanting betrayal allured blossoms of ingenuity and candour,
Suffocating and disintegrating them,
Reducing them to ashes that the wind dispersed in the sterile emptiness.

Frigid and frightening indifferences seized the abyss of nightmares,
With confidence and arrogance,
Pretending that the realm of dreams was never truly created.

Avarice and greed sovereigned the real world,
Training the empty void to invite the shadows of lost ghouls,
In a sophisticated way, they would never question.

Free luminaries were going to be crushed like pearl shells,
In the immensity of the obsidian firmament,
Kingdom of the most defeating silence.

Splattered illusions were gleaming in the obscurity of the night,
When delusional delights were shut permanently in undisclosed havens,
While a suffuse melody of screams was invading the ethereal realms of forgetfulness.

Graciously falling leaves of memories fled a maze of seclusion,
Where the solitude intemperance nurtured the growing roots of melancholy and despair,
Draining the essence of hope from every whispered sigh of anguish.

In the ambiguous shades of forgotten dreams,
Wisps of regret and sorrow swirled in a macabre waltz,
Trapped in an eternal cycle of yearning and resignation.

In the absolute darkness, forsaken stars lay beneath the velvet cloak of the night,
Wept tears of lost aspirations became silent screams,
With a glow that was an ephemeral radiance in the vast and unyielding dimness.

Relics of beauty lingered like fragile embers of brilliance,
Snowflakes of defiance amidst the desolation,
Whispering tales of destruction and demise.

Whispers fainted like the rustling of autumn leaves,
Blazing flares of passion dwindled to flickering candles,
In moments that slipped through the edges of time like grains of sand.

An enchanting betrayal,
Woven with threads of bygone joys and bashful sorrows,
Faded slowly in the quiet,
Shadowy chambers of memory.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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