Blooming Flowers

Blooming Flowers

Blooming Flowers

Blooming flowers
Blooming roses, jasmines and tuberoses
In all their beauty
In my secret flower garden
All the white and crimson shades
And the delicate pink hues
All over the soft and fragile petals of my flowers

Lost in my dreams
And forever bound there
My imagination enslaves me
As I am enchanted by the intoxicating scent of tuberose and jasmine
My consciousness becomes a pure illusion
And my creativity seals the box where I am trapped in
Trying to forget my past and erase all the memories

My dreamlike existence becomes my wickedness
My longings become my fragility
My soul is a blooming flower
Which vanishes in a cloud of dreams
I don’t exist, except in my fantasy
I desire
Hence I exist.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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