Crystal Tears

A photo evocative of sadness like in the Crystal Tears poem

Crystal tears were a gift of betrayal and fear,
Painful anguishes obscured the sky dotted with stars,
While decay silently reclaimed its domain.

Longings of lost happiness faded underneath crumbles of dreams,
Life became a nightmare and a relentless onslaught of dread,
Where the shadows of despair obliterated every sparkle of peace and joy.

In realms where time surrendered, careless fantasies wandered,
Through fields of whispered dreams, where frets found no dwelling,
In the shadows of the twilight, burdens gently faded.

Beneath the astral vault, frights cast aside,
In echoes of forgotten tales, emotions began to soar,
To realms untouched by sorrow, where desires forevermore endured.

Through valleys of enchantment, merriments fulfil wishes and expectations,
In the realm of dreams, sealed secrets hid from unknown worlds,
Beyond the veil of reality, where imagination ruled.

In enchanted realms, where time halted,
Every wish bends to the dreamer’s might,
For the only boundary lay within fantasies’ reach.

A beloved secret touched the dreams with words,
As fragile as it was, feeling like a crystal flower in a valley of agony,
Waiting for a sign in the solitude of the night.

The silence of expectation pierced every bliss,
Burning like a flame of darkness and restlessness,
In the glaring darkness, eager to destroy.

An overwhelming sadness cast a shadow,
Obscuring the garden of delights with its heavy sorrow,
While a veil of melancholy, in darkness, it wallowed.

Nothing seemed intelligible in the mist’s elusive concealment,
Where shadows lingered, and thoughts felt surreal,
A world untethered beyond imagination.

Crystal tears fell like teardrops in the moonlight,
Shimmering as they touched the soil,
Casting a mesmerising glow upon the ethereal realm of dreams.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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