Dangerous And Delightful Glimpses

A picture that made me think about dangerous and delightful glimpses

Dangerous and delightful glimpses of remote dreams
Dead silence became a vivid flame blazing fiercely in the obscurity of the universe
Whimsical fancies of secrets were cast away from the realm of paradox
Darkness came through the cracks of doom and decay
Disappeared phantasies of lost worlds of pain and sorrow resurfaced in quiet nightmares of undisclosed longings
Only the mere unconsciousness was aware of tragedies and lusts
Hesitation and astonishment found pursuit in bizarre vacancies
Agonies of nonsense and wit betrayed ghosts of folly
A fool was the wisdom that possessed a difficult treasure
Marvelous and exquisite wonders accomplished every expectation
Indecision obeyed the fate of ill intemperances
Whenever madness felt uncomfortable at forced pleasures and merriments
An everlasting sameness defeated every enthusiast’s invention
In the twilight of uncertainty, fortunes entwined thorny routes
Tangling yearnings with suspicions in the vast veil of time
Echoes of forgotten certitudes whispered longings of eternal embraces in the cosmic prom of physical worlds
Hesitation lounged like an eerie labyrinth of chaos
Desires of serenity and solace entwined in portrayals of vivid hues of devotion and loyalty
And within enigmatic mazes, undisclosed divine tales were entwined with illusions
In labyrinths of uncertainty, chaos, and harmony, entangled
Shadows and lights unraveled eternity’s mysteries
Twisted and contorted trails of serendipity danced on the edge of justification
In the realms of boundless chance, time’s elusive grasp yielded to fragility
Clandestine and bold daydreams unleashed a symphony of paradox, discord, and grace, challenging the boundaries of time and space
Each shadow revealed unrevealed legends of silent reveries and revelations
Blooming secrets dispelled the gloominess of endless enigmas
Unveiling glimpses of untold heavenly hymns and arcane rhymes
Infinite and ephemeral obscurity revealed transcendental quietude
Dangerous and delightful were the glimpses of lost quests and restless wanderlusts
Calling forth the intrepid spirits seeking secrets veiled within the enigmatic realms of yore.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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