Darkness And Decay

A dark dry rose symbol of darkness and decay

In the chasms of night, where shadows writhe and obscure the realm of dreams
Darkness reigns supreme, entwined with the essence of decay
It is within this shroud of obsidian gloom that the universe is overwhelmed by an eerie embrace
Where time’s touch wanes and all once resonant fade into the abyss
Amidst this realm of dusk, decay whispers its tales in every crevice and corner as a silent harbinger of life’s ephemeral essence
It lurks in the forgotten remote mysteries, where ancient memories collide with the present
Each passing moment engraves its mark upon the crumbling towers of existence
The cadence of decay resonates through the dusk
A haunting tune echoes in the hollows of time
Shadows prom upon the remnants of what once thrived
Casting an unsettling sway of demise and dissolution
Each glimmer of darkness clasps a tale of its own
Veiling secrets lost to the relentless march of passing days
In the heart of darkness, every decay becomes a creation
A portrait of existences with somber shades and melancholic tones
It weaves intricate tangles of hesitations, where the once flourished desires now succumb to the inevitable promenade of moments
Embracing the snare of glooms and the relentless journey toward the unknown
Amidst the tendrils of decay and shadows, within this twilight realm lies an inexplicable magnificence
Disclosure of the transitoriness as an interplay of darkness and decay
A wistful reminder of ephemeral splendors and unreachable idylls
Fleeting instants before they fade into the obscurity of the eternal night
To nevermore re-emerge once swallowed into the infinite nothingness
Immensity becomes an imperceptible particle of stardust
Every futile intemperance of impalpable dreams slumbers within the enigmatic precipice of the void
Amid the indiscernible whispers of forgotten longings and nebulous desires, the intangible threads of spectral fantasies lose their grip
And the boundaries of reality blur into a mosaic of undefined chances
Like transient voyagers adrift in the boundless sea of the subconscious
The dreams oscillate between semblance and nothingness, lingering on the frail brink of manifestation
Mirrors of remembrances reflect the tantalizing and elusive labyrinths of the unconsciousness
An eerie allure explores the tangled abysm of the unknown
Phantasmagorical fragments dissolve into the arcane emptiness, leaving behind wisps of evanescent longing.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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