Delightful Darkness

A delightful darkness scenery

Delightful darkness resided in the depths of the abyss. The obscurity of the misty night veiled the boundaries of reality, shrouding the metaphysical realm in an impenetrable cloak of mystery.

Secrets and recondite enigmas lay in abyssal depths, where an obscure fate veiled echoes of oniric sighs. A boundless and silent haze concealed every certitude, leaving only a vague hesitation.

The beauty of shadows thrived in the twilight. And in the trap of fear and obscurity, stars illuminated dreams and illusions with their delusional glimmering poison while faded truths swayed beneath the veil of time.

Obsessive thoughts were feeding the spare time of shallowness. Emotions traversed the chamber of unconsciousness and obliviousness. The torpor of the dawn ensnared the essence of dreams and delights.

Ephemeral blisses and elations faded in the rational light of the morning. A meaningless existence of devolution and phoney pretences welcomed unaware wraiths into the maze of deception.

Evil reminiscences of a remote past subjugated every vision of happiness and prosperity—a sense of wonder disguised as deception. In the delightful darkness of silence, everything was still.

In the eerie stillness of the delightful darkness, whispers of forgotten longings echoed through the forest of despair, and crystal tears beckoned tales of ancient sorrows and timeless truths.

Each shadow held unrevealed secrets, casting an enigmatic spell upon decayed fragments of forsaken dreams. Illusions and revelations were veiled beneath a cloak of obscurity within the boundless expanse of obliviousness, where dreams intertwined with reality.

A labyrinth of forgotten reveries and fleeting emotions lay inside the cage of time, where past and future converged. And each speck of uncertainty scattered across the void, like fragments of shattered dreams adrift in the emptiness.

In a mysterious chasm where light dare not tread, chaos and order merged in a primordial void. New ideal utopias bloomed in the womb of darkness, and the cycle of life and death continued unabated.

Amidst the chaos and confusion, there was a beauty to be discovered that transcended the boundaries of time and space. It was a beauty born of gloominess, nurtured by hush, and sustained by light and shadow’s eternal ebb and sway.

In the delightful darkness of the maze of lost hopes, where silence ruled, an ethereal transcendence conceived a sense of awe and wonder, mesmerising the realm of luminaries with its mysterious allure.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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