Dismal Solitude

representation of dismal solitude

Dismal solitude in a cold and misty atmosphere
In a midnight of ghastly lights
Silent sensations of a paralyzing fear
Blind doors to the unknown
Once the future is encapsulated in the past
Longings appeared as sighs of hopeful dreams
Narration of nothingness under the disguise of a show
Vanity and idleness would have been escapism
Shadows of lost memories and imagination
Gloomy rooms with no views under a thatched roof
Hidden stars flaming in a deserted silence
Heaviness overwhelmed like anxiety
In a terrible slumber of the reason
Blind lies were fueled by lamps of deception
Motionless and pallid lights reflected in broken mirrors
A burning madness without any merriment
Endless bitterness of formless shadows
A surreal decay of fragile impermanence
Chaotic unconsciousness drowned in the mystery
Absolutism and silence were defeated in a storm of emphases
An ethereal delight and wisdom hid many transcendental secrets
The radiant luster of a shadow drowned in tears
Hopes and fears were invisible phantoms of chased dreams
Madness crawled into a solitary storm
Mysteries and dust of sorrow spoilt in the dimness of the night
Desolation and decay sparkled over the doomed and aimless wandering
Gloomy and dreary domains of melancholy
Where memories fall into abandonment and anguish
Absurdities and forgotten alienations ghastly resurfaced from unhallowed slumbers
Disquietudes and solemn passions departed from eternal longings
Concealed perceptions of indefinite shadows faded into darkness
A desolate gloom sunk in an iced dreariness
The imagination of shadowy fancies swallowed hopes and dreams
Oppressive clouds hung in a dark and dull evening sky
Dreariness and melancholy pervaded the gloom of the night
The iciness of thoughts and hideous imagination were invading the contemplation
No sublimity was left in the insoluble mysteries
Ghastly shadows annihilated sorrowful impressions
Decayed dreams and mystic leaves of black rose flowers became sorrow and stern
Pervading everything and making gloomy every solace of minds
An oppressive stupor disappeared in the midst of dread
An apathy of senses faded in the darkness
Phantasmagoric lusters of lost longings fled to reveries and shadows
Mystic fantasias sporadically emerged in the thoughts’ dominion
The delight of silent destinies was agitated by oppressive secrets
Sparkling pearls of wisdom and fantastic impressions pervaded the intense darkness
The beauty and nightmare of a tempestuous and gloomy night faded in the infinite darkness
And the fearless irreverence of obliviousness swallowed every hope and dream
Leaving a ghastly emptiness in the endless chaos of the universe.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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