Dismal Twilight

A glowing image of an AI that evokes dismal twilight

Dismal twilight and ethereal lies flowed over the weeping rain.
Fading shadows of a forsaken past were bleeding through their black veils.
Transcendent whispers floated untamed and elusive at the sight of the uncertainty.
Darkness and deceit entwined under the gloomy clouds of a reckless storm.
In the realm of illusions and reality, secrets lingered as silent screams.
Longings and memories were softly doomed as nothing could have rescued them.
The moon’s embrace eclipsed brilliant glowing stars.
Whenever in celestial obscurity, shadows and radiance interlaced.
Shimmering lights adorned the night sky, while hushed truths were hidden beneath the veil of deception.
Slowly, the gloomy dead of night descended over every garden of sparkles and flowers, fiercely shattering everything into dust.
The absolute silent horror reigned in the realm of oblivion and nothingness.
And nothing could have been spared from the relentless grasp of eternal silence.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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