Echoes In The Rain

Echoes in the rain embraced the cold shadows,
While flickering flames of anguish cast an eerie glow,
Loneliness was wandering beneath the weeping skies.

Memories were obscure fog howling in the wind,
Regrets, like ghosts, whispered from the past,
Time, the predator, hunted with silent dread.

Each second lost a tear in the storm,
Rain tapped mournfully on broken mirrors,
Wet earth exhaled the scent of sorrow’s bloom.

An old clock shattered, ticking loss and pain,
Amidst the gloom of abandoned chambers,
A wilted rose became a symbol of decay.

Empty gardens hosted screams used to roam,
Autumn leaves fell, leading desires astray,
In silence, a cry lingered, unanswered by the skies.

As night devoured the remnants of the day,
Fleeting instants of light became shadows,
Casting a fearful glance into the chill winter breeze.

A day ended, and sorrow’s grip held fast,
On endless nights, devoided of hope or peace,
The dawn, unseen, lay hidden by the veil of darkness.

The infinite darkness was thick as the nightmares in endless nights,
Leaving only specks of despair in its realm.
The void devoured every glimmer of light and hope.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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