Echoes Of Sorrow

A sorrowful image that can represent echoes of sorrow

Echoes of sorrow and destruction shattered mirrors under the pouring rain
Fragile dreams of lost desires acquired fears, and arrogant reasons overlooked anguish and distress
When torments and agony were relentless in their perpetual stirs in a timeless frame of infinity
Darkness prevailed over the luminaries in the firmament
The escape of the senses through beliefs and faith was the only reprieve for the ghostly essences of the universe
Impulses of passion and lust echoed through the shadows of eternity
Oneiric paradoxes persisted in their irresistible contradictions
Overwhelming emotions and desires led to imperturbable sophistry
Incomprehensible longings fell into a displeasing torpor
Difficult was the sagacity of laconic past struggles
Uncontrollable wishes and regrets indulged in defiance and decay
Impatient anxiety and unfathomable shadows craved indefinite vanities
Disappearing ghouls stood on the brink of the abyss of nothingness
Dangerous memories emerged from a cloud of dizziness
Terrible tales of fearful delights shuddered fiercely
A ghastly annihilation rushed to impetuous desires
Impatient lost instants vanished inevitably
Faint impossibilities fancied fatal ideas that were poisoned impertinently
Haunting thoughts overwhelmed every stealth moment
Dreadful nightmares of secret swoons burst in everlasting flames
Betrayal was conquered by loyal devotion amidst clouds of melancholic gloominess
Echoes of sorrow thundered in a mystic garden of blooming crimson roses
Whose beauty was veiled by an ethereal melancholy
Whispers lingered through the midnight hues draped in a cloak of solitude
Somber fragments of forgotten remembrances, undisclosed broken promises, and lost loves
Shimmering glimmers of hope wandered amid a dense mist of dismal lies and deceptions
In the ephemeral domain of transcendental enigmas, stars weaved their glowing gleams
In twilight’s grip, dreams aimed their elusive hooks
Amid veiled secrets, solace softly rustled, concealing truths in concealed elixirs
Echoes of sorrow were revealed, and their light pierced through darkness’s embrace.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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