Falling Apart Languidly

An image that inspired me to write the poem Falling Apart Languidly

Falling apart languidly in the death of night
When glowing flames dance as cold winds enfold them,
Embers of twilight fade into the abyss,
In the arms of darkness, dreams reminisce.

Each flicker of fire is an undisclosed tale to be told,
In the dwelling of shadows, secrets unfold,
And whispers of echoes die into a symphony of silence,
When sighs softly fade away into the night.

The moon is a silent witness to dreams and nightmares,
Casting its ethereal glow, serene,
Upon the shattered fragments of the past,
Where memories linger, fleeting and fast.

In the depths of the night, where time stands still,
The anguishes and longings fill the void,
Yet amidst the chaos becomes a sliver of light,
Guiding fantasies forward through the endless gloominess.

For even in darkness, there’s beauty to discover,
Amid the stars, in the depths of the universe,
Like a phoenix rising from ashes of pain and sorrow,
Hope springs eternal, over and over.

Flamboyant flames wane whenever the winds frost over,
For in the quietude, new legends are conveyed.
In the ethereal eternity, nights don’t have a beginning or end,
And dark shadows rule the metaphysical realms.

The mysteries of the universe reveal their enigmas,
In the abyss of the ether, where infinity shimmers.
Hidden realms are veiled beyond sight in the vast void,
Whilst frozen desires languish, waiting beneath the frosty clutch of hesitation.

Blooming flowers falling apart languidly after a winter’s slumber,
In the depths of the garden of life and death,
They long for the gentle touch of obliviousness,
Nevermore fearing the wind of awakening.

Flickering candles in the coldest of nights,
Glimmers of promises and betrayal hiding behind delusional desires,
With their wavering flames burning bright,
Their shadows reveal mysteries hidden away.

Sadness and fear tear every dream apart.
Falling apart languidly,
Like petals drifting from a withered flower,
In the quiet surrender to the night’s embrace,
The dimness sways with whispered grace.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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