Falling Into The Void

Falling into the void of memories
Whenever time never desists to stop
Painful remembrances were cherished in vain
Not far from troubles and knowledge
While hopes were never taken for granted
Loss and grief would become constant companions in dreams
Lifeless awareness was a futile distress
Expectations never lasted perpetually
In a mournful illusion of despotic betrayal
Stupor seized thoughts under weeping clouds of solitude
The obstinate bitterness of doubts overwhelmed every naive enthusiasm
Tainted was the consciousness of the imagination
Only a silent decay would have amended all the forsaken desires
Wonder subsided to indignation
Dismay and contempt grieved at the loss of trust
Shallow vanity buried every capability of logical reasoning
Desires lost their grip over embedded prejudices
The oppression of distressing impressions defeated the consciousness
When the dark night extinguished every orientation of joy and sorrow
Regret and fears would not weaken their deafening blares
Until the eternal luminaries would have been concealed and their ethereal flames smothered
An unfortunate fate of deception misled graceful longings and blisses
Amidst a labyrinth of memories, time lasted relentlessly
Sorrowful remembrances clung to forlorn misfortunes
Fragile wishes entwined with impermanence
A silent realm of slumber and an ephemeral mist of distress became tragic illusions
A despotic betrayal and stupor reigned beneath weeping clouds of solitude
Tainted imagination disintegrated forsaken desires
Marvel was subdued by the grip of indignation in an echoing silence
Dismay and honesty faded away as vanity prevailed in the certitude of fame
Suspense darkened every contemplation, generating every fear
Celestial luminaries vanished, and their ethereal flames ceased to flutter
Mirrors of regret deceived longings and dreams, casting them into the void.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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