Gloomy Skies

Gloomy Skies

Gloomy skies and oceans of white
I could never hear my dreams
Still so lonely but not always alive
My memories must be everywhere
For the rain came upon me
And all night was gone
I was lost and now moved
No hope on earth
On my path, too many forms of dreams appeared
As the most divine knowledge

Gloomy skies were phoney and shady
The sun was hot and grey
With its silver hues that fly high
I could not hear my voice all around me, like in a memory
A thoughtful life’s beauty should now come
Gone forever as life departs
The sky was long and sad
Winter morning dew and clouds
Massive waves for a new day
Specks of snow were all around

Gloomy skies have fallen apart
Clouds bloomed to ascend
The wind left behind one of the branches of a hollow tree
My heart kept moving fast with no sweet delight
A small flower was pierced by a pale morning
A shade came in haste
I could see the dimness of the day
My dread had disappeared like an ordinary river
Falling into the clouds, I was gone
And there was no time to be silent in the shadow

Gloomy skies were hidden behind a blaze
Tears became sweet like myrtle
A dark and dreary day has trapped me
The clouds were so thick and heavy
It felt like they were suffocating the world below
I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sorrow
Everything looked dull and lifeless
As the world had been drained of all its colour
The rain continued to fall, and the clouds slowly began to break apart
I felt a sense of longing and a shrug of resignation

Gloomy skies falling like raindrops
The rain made everything glisten and sparkle
The sound of the drops smashed the soil
And everything seemed to slow down
Despite the darkness and the sadness
I took a moment to pause and reflect, to gather my strengths for brighter days ahead
The gloomy skies reminded me that even in the darkest of times
There is always a glimmer of light waiting to shine through a forgotten dream
The very memories run when not everything has become a fair and loving thought
And the fear of happiness remains as some divine benefit flies away.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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