Haunted Passions

An image evocative of something haunted such as haunted passions

Haunted passions in the sleepless winter nights became lost dreams of perennial fears
Beloved longings of past betrayals turned into inscriptions of forced beliefs
When darkness and light were unified, a coveted impossibility haunted passions and expectations
While a storm of indifference swept away every hope and fervor
In the most remote time of existence, the nightmares obliged the darkness to prevail
As soon as the obliviousness pretended to be defeated by the obsession of unsteady luminaries
Nevermore would have happened a blissful vision of enchanted eagernesses
Unlimited hopes glimmered like perpetual stars fixed upon a phantasmagorical firmament made of delusional fantasies
Hallucinations would have invited a whirlwind of misconceptions and deceptions
Vague impressions of a futile transformation failed to bear unbound fears
Unrestrained dreads of constant abandonment fell into astonishment
Silence became the ruler in the infinity, where time was annihilated
And overwhelmed dreams lost every connection with the intemperance
Torpor and mendacity overwhelmed every good deed
Fatal was the minacious grief in the garden of nightmares and anguish
Shady aversions obliterated unknown fates
Mysterious whims of idylls and kisses were swallowed by pretentious discouragements
Loneliness and disillusionment welcomed an apathy of senses
Insensible impatience could not have lifted the weight of impertinence
Following time run under the mysterious echo of haunted passions
Evocative ephemeral realms of darkness and slumber advanced in their quest for decay and dismay
Smothered anguish was ensnared by the gloominess of oblivion
Labyrinths of darkness were shaken by blasts of irrefutable anger and disdain
The agony of despair concealed every cloud of merriment and delight
The audacity of blissful hopes perished under the resilient cynicism of sarcasm
Whenever the nightmares shined bright under the shadow of the emptiness
And every wish altered into a portal of discontent and deception
Until the very last speck of regret.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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