In A Sea Of Wonders

An underwater landscape as a sea of wonders

In a sea of wonders, vast and deep
Where secrets conceal their treasures to keep
Waves dance with sunlight, sparkling bright
Unveiling beauty, and a mesmerising sight

Creatures gracefully beautified with colours ablaze
Through coral kingdoms own their elegant ways
Majestic whales, mighty and grand
Their haunting songs echoed across the sand

Seashells whisper stories of ancient lore
As seagulls fly, and the ocean’s chorus soar
Beneath the surface, a world unknown
Where mysteries thrive, a realm to be shown

Sunsets paint the sky as a masterpiece in gold
As soon as tides embrace the shore, a story unfolds
A symphony of nature claims its presence as harmonious and true
In this sea of wonders, dreams come true and come into view

So the stars explore with hearts open wide
The magic resides in this watery tide
For within its depths, a beauty untold
A sea of wonders, forever to behold

In a sea of wonders, where dreams become a flight
A world of beauty, bathed in pure light
Where waves dance freely, with rhythm and grace
Unveiling mysteries in every embrace

The sun’s golden stroke paints the sky above
A canvas of colours is a masterpiece of love
Whispers of the wind echo through the air
Carrying tales of adventure beyond compare

Creatures of the deep, with iridescent scales that gleam
Navigate the depths like a surreal dream
Their graceful movements become a mystery in motion
A symphony of life in the endless ocean

Corals and reefs, vibrant and alive
A kaleidoscope of hues that truly thrive
Swarming with life, from the tiny to the grand
A tapestry of wonders crafted by nature’s hand

And as a spirit soars in awe-struck delight
Being humbled by the beauty, both day and night
For within this sea of wonders, some might truly see
The boundless magic that sets all the ghouls free.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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