In An Evanescent Realm

An evocative fantasy image of the atmosphere in an evanescent realm.

In an evanescent realm of fantasy and dreams,
Chaos and tumult reigned,
While reality’s tether surrendered to the imagination power.
Echoes of fancies and delusions, wild and untamed,
In the labyrinth of the subconscious, they were the rulers.
Reflections of madness swirled unseen,
In the jumbled weave, illusions convened.
Shadows and spectres, fleeting and fleet,
In that ephemeral realm, they did meet.
Beneath the stars’ ethereal glow,
Secret gardens whispered enigmas from long ago.
Visions spun like threads of silk,
Weaving tales of joy and ilk.
Within the maelstrom of the night,
Shadows danced in flickering lights.
Ghosts wandered, lost yet free,
In realms of boundless darkness.
Through the mazes of time, they glided,
Where past and future intertwined and collided.
Memories faded, future ideas gleamed,
In the kaleidoscope of hallucinations.
When the hush of twilight embraced the skies,
A fanciful forgetfulness lingered like a soft and sweet bubble.
In the tranquil fate of dawn’s gentle bliss,
The dimness of enchantments remained in a dark abyss.
Amidst the clouds of nightmares and dreams,
A poem of creation sparkled like an eternal flame.
Through the veils of uncertainty, everything vanished,
In the endless and infinite world of sadness and despair.
Phantoms and phantasmagorias haunted the eerie silence,
A space of nothingness and obliteration.
A sordid tale of woe and anguish dared the fear,
Once, the deluge of delights was shattered like crystal gems.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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