Like A Porcelain Doll

Like A Porcelain Doll

Like A Porcelain Doll

And it was like in a nightmare
While I was lying inert on a cold bed like a porcelain doll
I could not conceive why those things happened for a reason
Maybe I was too naive to realise such closeness
Perhaps I was too childish to protect myself
Letting the submission paralyse my mind

It never mattered who I really was
It never mattered what I really desired
Because the most important thing was social etiquette and fulfilled other’s desires
I had to embellish myself like a porcelain doll
I had to smile with my elegant dresses and impeccable makeup devotedly
Some pretty bow in my long blond hair and a sumptuous dress as a daily routine

I was empty, and I could not find myself
Being constantly busy to be submissive and amiable
Exhausted and broken
I was never good enough
And then, I had to lose myself
Becoming who I was expected to be

The echo of my silence was loud in my mind
The only place where I was feeling safe
Respect and love were remote chimaeras
The coldness around me was freezing my heart
My feelings being trapped in a desperate endeavour to be loved
And trying to piece together scattered fragments of myself.
Esther Racah

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I am a literary blogger, a writer, a poet and a physicist. I have a PhD in Physics and am a former researcher in Astroparticle Physics. I am fluent in 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. Previously, I had studied Ancient Greek and Latin. Books, literature, poetry, and art are some of my passions.
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