Madness And Passion

Madness and passion were committed to ardor and fancies in a daydream of eternal discomfort and ineptitude
Nights of elusive glimpses of eternity faded with the revelation of enigmas and secrets
The mere wisdom pretended malevolence would have been transformed into fair knowledge in the vast ocean of light and darkness
The shadows of reason and doubt were trapped into chests of remembrances
The immense lake of silence was shining under the dazzling wilderness of dreams
Beauty and splendor were locked into the amphora of delirious blisses
Glowing clouds poured rain of silver and gold specks of integrity and decay
Whilst magic crimson magnificences were overshadowed by sorrow and sadness
A lovely twilight of promises was perturbed by gelid winds of betrayal
Time followed the path of solemn silence amid murmurs of memories
Turbulent vanities dreamed of odd and radiant loveliness in a slumber of senses
In the midst of silent nights, the most terrible temptations burned beautiful thoughts and expectations
Struggles of fervor and delirium fell into an ecstasy of dreariness
Beloved devotions turned into flickers of bitterness and curses
An inextinguishable flame glowed with unpredictable and unexpected desire
Passionate and dreamy swoons were overwhelmed by fragility and vulnerability
Shadows of dismay embraced the obliviousness and nothingness
Whenever persistent longings clutched hearts abandoned at the mercy of solitude and indifference
Sadness found a haven in the contemplation of metaphysical hopes.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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