Mournful Whispers

This picture can represent mournful whispers

Mournful whispers hid behind gloomy mirrors,
Whenever the ocean of clouds was brimful with sorrows and gaieties,
And all the severities of unpredictable fates became a deluge of frightening despair,
Mysteries unfolded in the silence of night.

Solitude overwhelmed the shadows of unconsciousness,
Echoes of forgotten dreams and lost desires vanished,
Shadows lingered in the twilight,
And memories faded like mist in the morning light.

Each ethereal sigh became a lament in the darkness,
In the quiet realms where time stood still,
Reflections of memories wavered in the dimness,
Endeavouring for a touch of forsaken splendour.

In the hush of midnight, whispers weaved,
Through labyrinths of remembrances, they roamed,
Tracing the contours of the dreams,
Where secrets lay buried, and visions soared.

Beneath the glimmers of stars, shadows danced silently,
Casting fleeting illusions upon the realm of darkness,
They whispered secrets only the night could hear,
In the stillness of midnight, echoes of ancient wisdom stirred.

And as the moon cast its silver sheen,
Upon the mazes of shadow and light,
The firmament lost every bliss, and sorrow seeped into the universe,
A haunting wail echoed through the endless night.

Mournful whispers lingered behind broken mirrors,
Within the darkness and the silence, the void reigned,
Swallowing all fragments of longings and dreams,
Leaving only emptiness, a barren wilderness of lost hopes.

A soliloquy of affliction and dismay vexed the nights,
While nightmares entwined with desolation and despair,
Piercing through the abyss of anguish and haunting the slumbers,
Rendering fleeting respites only mere illusions.

Dreams became ensnared in a labyrinth of torments,
Where every shadow held the spectre of anguish,
And every mirage was tainted by the darkness of uncertainty and disillusionment.
In the garden of gloom and melancholy, where shadows danced with sorrow,
The agony of solitude mirrored in the eternal nothingness.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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