Phantasmagoria Amid Darkness

A beautiful landscape with an evocative touch of phantasmagoria amid darkness

Phantasmagoria amid darkness and dismay,
The sublime was a distant memory,
Obscured by the shadows of despair,
And seeking refuge in the recesses of stupor.

In the abyss of uncertainty,
The clamour of uncertainties drowned out whispers of hope.
Fragmented dreams fluttered like spectres,
While echoing through the void.

The luminance of transformation shone amidst the endless despair,
In the darkest of times, its glow pierced through the shadows,
Its radiance whispered tales of alchemy and ethereal daring,
In hushed sighs, secrets of metamorphosis swirled and soared.

Amid phantasmagoria’s shroud of shadows and distress,
The sublimity lay forgotten, a distant memory fading away.
Obscured by the dimness of despair, expectation sought refuge,
In the recesses of unconsciousness, where dreams refused to yield their secrets.

Within the abyss of uncertainty, hesitation clamoured loudly,
Drowning out whispers of hope that once gleamed ethereally.
Fragmented nightmares fluttered like phantoms in the night,
Echoing through the void, the sound of solitude reverberated endlessly.

Yet amidst the endless despair, a glimmer did appear,
The lustre of transfiguration dispelled all the fears.
In the darkest of times, its glow transcended through the abyssal darkness,
In tales of alchemy’s whisper, the night shared secrets of magic.

In the labyrinth of mirages, reality bent and twisted like a dream,
Illusions softly murmured tales of wonder,
Through mystic mazes of shimmering haze,
Where enchantments of truth and deception intertwined.

Mesmerising chaos hid beneath the essence of undisclosed longings,
In an embrace of darkness and light,
Torments bloomed like poisonous flowers in the garden of despair,
Voluptuous and hypnotic, the torments flourished,
Entwining hearts in their intoxicating embrace.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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