Silent Screams Behind Broken Mirrors

Silent screams behind broken mirrors bloomed in the darkness of the unconsciousness
When nightmares and dreams merged and the uncertainty of lost hopes overwhelmed every delight and joy
Oppressive obsessions trapped unstable destinies of wandering entities
Drifting longings strove to endure untamed temptations
Tainted passions were forsaken, but betrayal and decay
Bitter feelings of acceptance altered into silent screams
Every time a mirror splintered at the sight of oblivious gleams
Nothing could have been spared since the despair created its realm
Long were the dreamless nights of inconstant dreariness
Reality became a farse of itself
Ambiguous labyrinths under surreal shadows of undisclosed emotions
Lonely thoughts surrendered at the sorrow’s stronghold
Magnificence and sublimity were smothered by innocent wickedness
Enigmas of forgotten secrets were annihilated by the obliviousness of shallow vanities
Nowhere would have been possible to disclose the virtues of nonsense and forgetfulness
Disorienting visions of annihilated memories lingered in a firmament devoid of stars
Preys of darkness and delusional chimeras, magnificent fantasias were tainted by chagrin
Extraordinary dreams of rescue yearnings ran away from vicious corruption
Unbridgeable beliefs were cast away from whispers of forgotten lust
Silent screams echoed behind broken mirrors whenever lost solitude was deprived of its own haven far from undesirable indiscretions
Ghostly secrets hid behind hideous mysteries
Pleasures of despair were overwhelmed by darkness amidst pains
Mistakes arose amidst a gathering of absent emotions and confusion
The dimness of obscure labyrinths of merriment and avarice prevailed over every supreme despair
Faded glares of nightfalls were overshadowed by an infinity of shadows, creeping like silent specters and veiling the night in an eerie and foreboding cloak of darkness
Amidst the fading lights, the night’s shroud fell deeper, concealing every dismal charm in a haunting embrace
Where darkness reigned, and secrets whispered in the grave abysm of oblivion.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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