Stygian Darkness

a billowy darkness scenario

Stygian darkness descended upon the meadow of delights,
Like a dark veil of secrets and shadows,
Summoning nightmares under a moonless sky.

Undisclosed apparitions hid behind the beauty of stars,
Gleaming-like gems in infinite obscurity,
In a realm where shadows followed every single spark of light.

Lost longings were not cherished anymore,
They wandered in the ethereal gloaming,
Released from chains of silent sighs.

In the void of night, illusions were set free,
Embraced by shadows, they found solace,
Expectations faded away whenever longings were absent.

In the abyss of Stygian darkness, torments haunted every search for solace,
Amidst the dimness, dreams sought release,
Yearning for light in the abyss, where darkness held its sway.

Amidst the gloom, a glimmer appeared,
A faint beacon of transformation sparkling fearless through a veil of confusion and fear,
No longer ensnared by torpor’s grasp.

In the realm of nightmares, where reality fades into mist,
And illusions lurked in every hollow,
Each dream became a haunting ghost of past regrets and forsaken desires.

A pall of dread settled over the meadow of delights,
Within the Stygian darkness, spectres of rejected longings and whispered secrets drifted like wraiths,
With ghostly forms twisting and contorting with malevolent designs.

The clouds became thick with the scent of decay,
And the emptiness welcomed a rhapsody of despair,
Like a sea of gloom with an eerie allure.

Anguish became the rulers in a macabre realm,
Where nothing was as it seemed,
And even the light was hidden by obscure arcane.

In the solitary instants of the night’s embrace,
Shadows of forlorn dreams lingered in the void,
Their silent presence was a ghostly echo of desolation.

Beneath the cloak of darkness, hope flickered,
A spectral ember amidst the vast expanse of despair,
Casting a faint, ethereal glow upon the desolate landscape.

Sighs of resignation hovered on the edges of perception,
A ghostly promise of obliteration in the midst of decay,
As shadows whispered metaphysical truths to the silent luminaries.

The haunting unknown hovered through the void,
Where nightmares and dreams intertwined,
The shadows found eerie havens in the depths of their own darkness in fearless abandon.

Amidst the chaos of existence and annihilation, the universe silently witnessed the ebb and flow of creation and destruction.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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