Tempestuous Thoughts

A fantastic image that brings about tempestuous thoughts

Tempestuous thoughts, sharp and cold like a night winter wind, overwhelmed the dreams and sorrows.

Woe and surprise might have fallen into the valley of forsakenness while gleaming stars surrounded the horizon of the sky of memories.

The illusion of the senses hovered above the clouds of darkness, delirium, delusion and despair.

The numbness of the dreams embraced the void, a silent echo in the chambers of the universe, where whispers of forgotten oaths lingered like ghosts in the mist.

Amid the chaos and the tumult of uncertainty, the doubtful quest for the sublime and solace was the only blissful remedy.

Amidst the silence, a gleam of darkness illuminated labyrinths of expectation and seclusion. While shadows cast a spell, obscuring the secrets lurking underneath their vault.

Longings of remote realms wander where dreams linger beyond the grasp of time. Cast abounds in the boundless expanse of imagination.

The bitterness of shattered illusions cast away every joy on an island of fear and despair whenever the delusional delight dissolved into the gloom of impossibility.

Tempestuous thoughts, swirling like a raging storm, tumultuous and relentless, torn the shores of consciousness, ravaged by the relentless assault of the stormy waves.

In the tumult of the nocturnal tempest, splendour became a distant beacon, obscured by the dark clouds of shades of suspicion and veil of hesitation.

In the midst of chaos and swirling storms of noise, fragments of beauty and light faded like fragile snowflakes.

The seeking of perfection obliterated every single shadow of uniqueness, leaving a landscape barren of singularity.

The tempest of nightmares twirled relentlessly, dispersing each speck of consciousness like leaves in the wind.

The obliviousness of impending doom was a silent spectre haunting every corner of the infinite darkness. Hence, the fate of the dreams ended, floating in the void, oblivious to the looming threat of never being embraced by reality.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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