The Labyrinth Of Whims

An imaginary scenario evocative of my poem, The Labyrinth Of Whims

The labyrinth of whims and unreachable fancies of ceased dreams were locked into the exuberant trap of solitude and silent blandness
No purpose would have been released in obscurity and shadow
When the stormy darkness pervaded the universe of dreams and hopes
Nothing could have been saved but the annoyance whilst tempted by a glare of wisdom
A maze of dark takes and memories was the realm of nightmares
Utter darkness swallowed every gleam and thunder
Silence fell like heavy rain under the gusts of wind
Unfair gloominess surrounded the emptiness
Once every whisper vanished in the empty air far away from every world
Through the dimness, every desire and longing awoke to fall apart
No matter the passionate idyll of dreams and nightmares
Everything would have been broken into an infinity of fragments
Whose invisibility would have dazed the whole universe
In an unfair game of whims and decay
Shattered shards of broken dreams and hopes amidst the void
In a labyrinth of darkness and anguish without any glimmer of hope and resilience
Like in a spell of stillness and despair of an unfair game
Infinite slivers blossomed anew in a desolate space
A daunting maze without any trail of light
In the darkest nights, every garden embraced flaws
With no longer chases of wisdom and might
Pristine fantasies gleaned were deemed and carved with resilience in every fissure
While brokenness was found in beauty
A mosaic of shadows swung in the gloominess
A ghoul of mournful tales lingered in a spectral haze
Where echoes of madness began to craze
Every quill essence whispered despair
And caws echoed through the deserted darkness whose dreary cloud enveloped every universe
The eerie hex shrouded every spectral hue of a haunting lament
An ominous knell of despair held reign
Phantoms of anguish swirled in an atmosphere of sepulchral anguish
Where the silent abyss of sorrow wails met turmoil hisses
Shadows corroded echoes of lost souls in endless time
The labyrinth of whims was a cryptic domain
Made of reflections of grief endlessly waning
Like ephemeral visions in twilight sway
In the winding trail, haunting apparitions wandered
Their ethereal essence shrouded the path in ghostly shades of anguish
Within the misty gloom where these wraiths roamed
A chilling waft lugged sorrowful laments
Resounding echoes of bygone memories steeped in darkness
In this mystical realm of intertwined fates
Each shadow whispered foreboding encounters
Amidst the vast expanse of spectral night.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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