The Shadow Realm

A spooky image evocative of the shadow realm

The shadow realm, in the depths of night, where shadows roamed free,
A realm of darkness, a place unknown.
Beneath the veil of the starless sky,
Whispers of secrets lingered, never to die.

Through the misty shroud of the moon’s soft glow,
Lay a land where time moved slowly.
Where sighs echoed on the edge of sight,
And the line between reality and dream faded away.

In the heart of this realm, where darkness dwelled,
Ghosts of forgotten tales wove their spells.
While spectres glided on silent feet,
And the echoes of lost phantoms met.

The stars beware of daring fate,
In the realm where shadows ruled, and fear was fed.
For the shadows held conspiracies, deep and dark,
And the dreams that meandered might never find their spark.

But should the infinite have dared the obscurity to embrace,
And journeyed forth with a steady pace,
Perhaps the illusion glimpsed the truth untold,
In the domain where shadows held sway, all mysteries unfurled.

Beyond the realm of mortal sight,
Where darkness reigned, and fears soared away,
Lay a domain of anguish and woe,
Where the eternity of solitude stretched endlessly.

In the shadow realm, where time froze,
Memories of the past haunted every haven,
The dreads became palpable, like heavy stillness,
And nightmares lingered, casting a pall.

Through twisted labyrinths and twisted tendrils,
The shadows wove their intricate patterns,
A tapestry of gloom and despair,
Where every desire might find itself consumed by doom.

Amidst the abyssal darkness, a glimmer of flames,
As frail hope in the darkest night.
For within the dimness lurked the arcane of the invisible,
An enigma wrapped in the shroud of shadows.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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