A Cloudy View

An image of a cloudy sky from a courtyard evocative of the poem The Cloudy View

A cloudy view of skies of grey and blue,
Where dreams ensued,
A vast canvas where thoughts renewed,
Clouds lingered in silent cue,
Painting stories, both old and new.

Soft whispers like morning dew became a symphony of shades,
A timeless brew,
In every shadow, a tale to construed,
A cloudy view, forever enlightened.

Through mist and haze, the world eschewed,
Boundless horizons for desires to rescue,
In every wisp, a chance to pursue,
A cloudy view, a life to imbue,
In the labyrinth of fate.

Above the earth, where eagles flew,
Where secrets lay and dreams accrued.
In whispered winds, the past imbued,
A cloudy view was a rendezvous,
A bliss of light and darkness.

Each cloud a verse, in skies so purple,
A realm of hopes, both old and new,
In every fold, a spell to hurtle,
A cloudy view for fortune and misfortune,
Soaring storms of wild seas.

Tempests of oceans and winds,
In twilight’s embrace, where dreams were pursued,
And stars aligned, in heavens’ view.
In the dimness, the night imbued,
The eternal kingdom of stars.

For in imaginary clouds, a world was construed,
A bubble of illusion, both false and true.
In every shape, a lore to reveal,
At every instant,
Forever dreams and nightmares.

What else could have been saved?
Only the ethereal emptiness.
We have to surrender to the infinite abyss of darkness.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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