A Life Backwards

A life backwards,
Without sense and without hope,
All wrong,
All right.

Inverted existence,
Senseless void,
Hopeless journey,
Chaotic order.

Backward strides,
Lost in time,
Searching for meaning,
In the chaos of existence.

Glimmers of purpose,
Amidst the madness,
Fragmented truths,
In the labyrinth of life.

Shattered dreams,
Scattered fragments,
Lost whispers,
In the abyss of oblivion.

Inverted tale,
Lost and found,
Backward steps,
In silent sound.

Senseless void,
Where hope resides,
Chaos reigns,
In unseen tides.

Lost in time,
Strides reverse,
Meaning sought,
In tangled verse.

Amidst the storm,
Purpose gleams,
Truths obscured,
In shattered dreams.

Scattered pieces,
Whispers fade,
In oblivion’s grip,
Memories cascade.

A life forwards,
With sense and with hope,
All right,
All wrong.

Conventional existence,
Meaningful void,
Hopeful journey,
Ordered chaos.

Forward strides,
Found in time,
Creating meaning,
In the order of existence.

Brightened dreams,
Connected fragments,
Found whispers,
In the heights of recognition.

Conventional tale,
Found and lost,
Forward steps,
In resounding sound.

Meaningful void,
Where hope resides,
Order reigns,
In seen tides.

Found in time,
Strides forward,
Purpose sought,
In clear verse.

Amidst the calm,
Purpose gleams,
Truths revealed,
In whole dreams.

Connected pieces,
Whispers remain,
In recognition’s grasp,
Memories emerge.

A life spinning,
With madness and despair,
All tangled,
All clear.

Disjointed existence,
Void of reason,
Journey without end,
Chaos unchained.

Twisted strides,
Lost in the void,
Hunting for meaning,
In the madness of chaos.

Flickers of purpose,
Amidst the chaos,
Shattered truths,
In the maze of madness.

Fractured dreams,
Scattered shards,
Echoes lost,
In the abyss of madness.

Chaotic tale,
Found and forgotten,
Backward leaps,
In the cacophony of silence.

Senseless void,
Where despair thrives,
Chaos devours,
In the invisible whirlpool.

Lost in time’s grasp,
Strides backwards,
Seeking nonsense,
In twisted prose.

Amidst the tempest,
Purpose fades,
Truths hidden,
In shattered illusions.

Scattered fragments,
Whispers vanish,
In oblivion’s grip,
Memories dissolve.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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