A Comfortless Dreary Sky

A comfortless dreary sky

A comfortless dreary sky
A terrific and beautiful tempest
Made of anguishes and broken dreams
Once they belonged to the realm of quests and stupor
But interrupted in the very moment of truth and beauty
To become fragments of a whole nightmare
In the abyss of ineptitude and betrayal
I might question the night about my future
It may come in fanfare sounds and sparkling obscurity
Obscenity and banality don’t belong to my realm
Maybe it is the case I change my windows in front of a sarcastic landscape
Who could enquire what is real?
So many fragile lies built under the shape of a high castle
Not visible anymore
Relying on the benefit of the doubt too many times
I decided to move to another world
Obsession for knowledge
And the dominion of words and imaginary scenarios
The obliteration of ignominious dreams in the darkness
Dreaming is like breathing

A comfortless dreary sky
A misty veil of rain and storm
A sublime ecstasy of a soothing slumber
In an obscure realm of illusions and dismay
Amidst a very midst of a dim sea
The sun seems to glare through the gloomy clouds
Cold darkness in existence with no thoughts or wisdom
It abides only bliss beyond reality
In a universe that is getting apart
Whenever a dream reveals its mysteries from nothing
The eternity of time is too far from the truth
And brightness abides among the grey stars in the skies
Greeting every emotion in vain
My only place to be is with sorrows
Which are no longer lies
My heart became sweet as the snow
My dark path conducts me to the loneliest room
With gentle solitude and no comfort or rest
Once the mystery of each star is disclosed
A slight wind of fear will blow inside my soul.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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