The Mirror Of The Memories

The mirror of the memories.

The mirror of the memories
It would never be the same
Time kept the past and grew deeper than everything
As someone else
Lost in an accustomed truth
It became a dream with living memories of every past love
Pain and grief stand in a forgotten place
A quiet escape where nothing changed
Dreams become lost everywhere
Even after an endless quest
When the world seems without any hope
In my memory
I’ve been so far from what I was
Maybe it was an illusion
I thought to seek myself because
the reality is just dreadful

The mirror of the memories
Whose secrets create my dreams
Which can only be found far away
In a silent dwelling
Stretching between existence and nothingness
Where everything is lost
Through the anguishes in life
The feelings occur like different images
Seizing a chance to endure
But it is said for something
Sometimes life can lead away from the joy
Time might be a truth that comes across
The past glimpsed the feelings of love
So far
How much do I love to understand those mysteries of my mind

The mirror of the memories I glance
And hope to touch with my thoughts
It has no place in time
Becoming lost and frightened by the
the reality that has been forgotten
Flickering like a sunbeam in a warm spring breeze
The scenery of a summer that I stare
For a while
Feeling what would come into my mind
Striving to seize happiness day by day
The marvellous merriment of living
So I would try to love and be filled with flowers
Like flying bubbles on a lovely day
Deeming how life is unique and unrepeatable
Beyond the beginning and the ending
In the eternity of darkness and light
Once everything becomes timeless.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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