A Feminine Mistake

A Feminine Mistake

Some women perpetuate a feminine mistake identifying the femininity with features such as submission, fragility, dependence, tenderness and frivolity. I consider it an insult to women who studied and worked hard all life long. I think that these are the concepts of a patriarchal culture which leads to abuses against women.

Unfortunately, even nowadays, some women firmly assert that femininity involves submission and passivity. Moreover, in this perspective, a woman has to be delicate, soft and “decorative” such as an ornamental flower plant! Women are not ornaments! 

The assumption that a woman belongs to the weak and fragile gender belittles the feminine role in our society. And this feminine mistake goes along with the woman exploitation. The vision of a woman cleaning, cooking and obeying to her partner’s orders, misleads and contributes to building negative stereotypes.

Although I wear dresses and makeup and have long hair, I cannot affirm that I’m feminine if this term encloses such negative connotations. Being a refined and feminine woman because of an aesthetic appearance could be deceiving. In these terms, I’m pretty puzzled when it comes to defining my personality. I believe that definitions and labels can be restrictive and dangerous.

Moreover, I think that my being feminine is related to my strength rather than to my fragility. I don’t feel feminine when femininity involves the concept of masculine domination and violence acceptance. This toxic femininity leads to misogyny and repression. It is misleading and wrong to expect that a woman has to be always beautiful, well-dressed, and wearing makeup and jewellery. 

In social media, there are many profiles of women whose content is very superficial and ordinary. They strive to expose their body as much as possible. Some of them deform their faces with fillers, and honestly, they seem to be very similar. Their life is devoted exclusively to their shallow vanities. Women are not beautiful statues in a museum nor dolls! Women are better than that, and I would love to see more empowered women!

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