A Frenzy Of Delights

Painting by Hieronymus Bosch that evokes a sense of a frenzy of delights.

A frenzy of delights and distant dreams dissolved like dust in the wind,
While lurking fears hid underneath a cloud of dark specks of nightmares,
When nothing was ever indeed revealed in the realm of illusions and folly.

Startling stars became the guide of defeated dreamers,
Causing the fragile shadows to fade away in the infinite,
Once, the obliviousness cast its gaze, drifting far away and seeking solace.

When frailties surrendered at the sight of the relentless march of time,
In the quiet dance of longings, each flicker of light was veiled by the haze of doubt and fear,
The uncertainty of a faint glimmer of hope lingered in the darkest corners of the night.

Whispering secrets of forsaken dreams and broken promises stumbled through the labyrinth of fate,
Echoing in the void of lost hopes and shattered illusions,
And clutching onto fragments of resilience amidst the chaos of uncertainty and despair.

For in the depths of darkness, where shadows reigned supreme,
Lies became the sparks of redemption, as glimmers of delusions that refused to be obliterated,
As soon as the dawn of new blisses emerged from the chaos.

A frenzy of delights and anguishes waited to be revealed,
Following a path shrouded in instability and concealed oaths,
A stairway made of betrayal and gamble.

Gasps of dark omens traversed through the maze of dangers and despair,
An eerie presage chilled the nocturnal wind,
Determined to chase happiness and comfort.

Silence remained the ultimate guardian of enigmas,
Residing in the chambers of secrecy,
Where arcana lingered like ghosts in the night.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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