The Empire Of Sand

An evocative image of an empire of sand

The empire of sand dissolved,
Amidst a cloud of shame and despair,
As arrogance and greed swallowed every fragment of dreams and hopes,
Where avarice built its home.

In the realm of betrayal and falsity,
Nothing would have changed,
In the silence, whispers of forgetfulness emerged,
Defiance against the tide of memories.

In the ghostly halls of lost faith,
Where shadows swirled with fleeting audacity,
The relics of once-majestic towers faded,
As raindrops of sorrow in the breeze cascaded.

Beneath the weight of shattered trust,
Lay the land of betrayal where ashes turned to dust,
And once again, fragile longings trembled and ached,
In the wake of promises destined to break.

Amid the ruins of discontent, a speck of beauty endured,
A spark of lushness that silently burgeoned,
For in the depths of darkness, a glow was hiding,
A beacon of glimmer, though faintly shown.

From the ashes of regret, a new dawn arose,
Where deception and shame reclaimed the skies they chose,
Though fragments remained, and distress indeed,
Eternal nights, a steadfast creed.

In the castle of time, where fates were woven,
Persistence emerged from the well of anguish,
For the empire of sand had crumbled and fallen,
And from its ruins, apathy rose, standing as a tall tower.

In the gloomy garden of adversities,
Nightmares and fears bloomed anew,
For though despair had cast its darkened veil,
Weakness and discord forever prevailed.

The relics of bliss faded away,
Embracing the gloominess of the arcane infinite,
For in the realm of nightmares, everything was being obliterated,
While despair dominated, and shadows were oppressive.

In the stern clutch of midnight’s darkness,
Turmoil upended the very essence of reality,
Making illusions the centre of perpetual distortion,
Among the phantoms of a never-to-be-idealisation.

Obsession and phobia trapped every expectation of metamorphosis,
Hence, not even a rag of pretence might have saved a lost austerity,
Extravagance and madness were lofty rulers,
In the kingdom of chaos, where obscurity reigned.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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