A Life Made Of Thorns

A Life Made Of Thorns

A life made of thorns and wounds and from whom I could ever be the same
Sometimes things seem a happy game
Where there is so little to learn
My heart will be a dream of gold and pearls
Not having any idea of what it is worth to keep
In the deception that will always be better at dusk
From my heart and mind
As I seek to be pure and untamed
Always striving to endure the pains

A life made of thorns
In this universe, I see only nothing but evil lies
No longer are you in my heart in any form
Desires and love
Unveested and possessed
And I am filled with a bitter grudge
Wearing a new fire dress
The flowers are still there in the garden
Pretending that the delusions never arrived
All the past thoughts fled too quickly

A life made of thorns and gold
When everything is lost till a dream comes
In an eternal journey where I was left to survive
My mind is concealed to the sun growing old
Every regret has age and shines just like light
Finding every single glow in my mind and soul
It looks like everything is secret in my fate
I can feel the peace of mind and stillness
There is no fear when there is no hope to acquire
The magic of exquisite and petrified words is bound to my soul

A life made of thorns and stones
The stars linger over flares and bursts
In the dungeon where I reside, I can hold the sight of my soul
No longer bound to any mediocre clasp
Passions are so brief and shallow
A sheer memory seized my heart
A feeling of pure desire and bliss melts on my lips
Nothing but loyal dread brings dreams into my universe
Sore reflections and unsteadiness of life
Love kept me blind and meek until I undisclosed a new belief.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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