Dark Nightmares

Dark Nightmares

Dark nightmares of morning glow
They were rising like a gentle breeze
Like heavy clouds begun to wander
Across the infinite horizon of my sight
The pleasant summer nights faded from my memories
Till the moon came gently down and my eyes gazed a far candle
In a dark chamber of grey stones
Remembering the sunny weather of the past years
I never ceased to build my castle
Writing down broken notes

Dark nightmares
As all the visions from a distant past are gone
And now my nightmares are glued with pains
When memories become dark, the whole world disappears
Cold dreams are like the frosty winter wind
In time I must flee, and my voice becomes true
As long as I’m alive and anguish pricks my heart
I live in a dim silence
A lotus grazes my imagination
Still lost within myself

Dark nightmares of my senses’ slumber
The long loneliness of my heart
Moments lost in the world
Like shadows of a dream
Not a breath in my own mind
Thoughts belonging to the labyrinth of my soul
Far in the mist
Lying deep inside of myself
My wishes do bother me
Every time I glimpse the pain in my heart

Dark nightmares drag me to the infinite abyss of despair
So dismal and cold is my soul that it became dead
I’ve grown so restless in sorrow
While nothing in my life occurs but silent dreams
The sky is only a cold essence
And I am forever lonely
I walked through the darkness with a blue wind hitting me
Like tiny daggers slashing my skin
When a hasty storm broke the clouds into dust
Hushed by a mournful silence, I embraced my everlasting grief.

Dark nightmares and illusions
They came and shed darkness
While each memory bent my emotions
A swarthy shudder whispered unrevealed secrets
A sea of fire emerged at the sound of my tears
Madness and dismay became my consolation and comfort
Fleeing from an insane lodging
In a fleeting moment where fragments of my soul were scattered in the cold gusts of indifference
Buying busy weeping my broken dreams
When the shadows of the clouds cast a spell on me.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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