A Melancholy Stillness

A beautiful photo of a ranunculus reminding a feeling of melancholy stillness

A melancholy stillness obliterated every sensation,
Forlornness was the only lingering emotion in the aether,
Heavy and suffocating.

Regardless of the sordid greed hidden behind a veil of envy,
The spring of obliviousness was ever-flowing,
Nourishing ignorance with its deceptive allure.

Sad illusions were fading away from hollowed trees of despair,
Leaving behind only echoes of aching emptiness,
And leaving in their wake a haunting silence as the void within grew more profound still.

Silent and repressed longings remained confined by cold indifference and fear,
Eager to break free,
Yet trapped within the confines of their own torment.

An ethereal and mysterious bliss enkindled gardens of dreams and desires,
Casting a mesmerising glow upon the shadows,
And weaving its enchantment through the dimness of the night.

In the heart of night’s embrace, where shadows wandered with grace,
Silence reigned under the shining vault of stars,
Seeking solace in the profound stillness of twilight.

In the dead of night, hopes entwined with tears,
Beneath the stars, fears and doubts faded away,
Whilst thoughts drifted in whispers without a trace.

Dark shadows cast untold tales,
And mysteries of the night undisclosed themselves,
Under the allure of enchanting spells carrying secrets from afar.

In timeless and intangible realms where time stood still,
Instants lingered with tranquil thrills,
Each withered flower sighed in the obscure infinite.

Within the depths of twilight’s reign,
Where luminaries their secrets feigned,
In the silent embrace of night’s elusive chaos,
A melancholy stillness lingered in the timeless realms of eventide.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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