The Beauty Of The Night

An image evocative of the beauty of the night

The beauty of the night descended as a dark veil upon a cloudless sky,
Where resplendent luminaries were silent witnesses to the transcendental essence of eternity,
In the dead of night, blemished senses deceived evocative dreams.

Vain fantasies overflowed through the cold emptiness,
Where phoney emotions glimmered in all their splendour,
Vanishing like fog in a frosty and windy darkness behind a cloud of illusions.

Echoes of remote sorrows and griefs reverberated in labyrinths of memories,
Where the sublime beauty of the night blended into darkness and decay,
Amidst the beloved realm of slumber and apathy.

Forlorn and forsaken was every foolish desire,
Destined to perish under the shadow of regret,
In the abyss of despair where dreams drown.

Commendable and enchanting pretensions of true devotion turned to dust,
And all that lingered was a deserted valley of anguish and desolation,
In a silence as deep as the ocean.

Faint clouds of narcissism faded into the aether like eerie whispers,
Hovering insidiously in the midst of gloomy longings,
Weaving dark shadows of dreariness.

The vanity of wishes and regrets was sparkling and gleaming,
Like stars entwining dreams on time’s worn trail,
While shadows loitered beneath hopes and sorrows.

Fleeting joys became bitter revelations,
Silent and furtive witnesses of the heart’s arcane enigmas,
Relics of longings in the night’s hush.

A shroud of melancholy draped the sombre skies,
Whispers of sorrow, carried by the wind’s sighs,
Casting a pall over the lively, now subdued realm.

Beneath its ethereal veil and delicate allure,
The firmament seemed to pause in anticipation,
As if awaiting a secret whispered only in the stillness of the night.

The beauty of the night eclipsed the stars,
And in its splendour, darkness reigned supreme.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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